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ABC Grants
The Mecklenburg ABC Board has announced the recipients of the annual Alcohol Education Grant Program.


Charlotte, NC—On June 15, 2010, the Mecklenburg County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board awarded $533,155 in grants to twenty (20) non-profit organizations in Mecklenburg County that provide substance abuse prevention, education, treatment, and field research. These funds will be used between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Since 2001, the Board has awarded over $3 million through its annual Alcohol Education Grant Program. Funding for the program comes from the sales of distilled spirits in Mecklenburg County.

The recipients are:
• $30,000 to The Bethlehem Center for youth substance abuse prevention ministries
• $30,000 to Changed Choices, Inc. for substance abuse services for incarcerated females
• $30,000 to The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte for a play for the entire CMS eighth grades
• $30,000 to Florence Crittenton Services for substance abuse treatment services for pregnant women
• $30,000 to Hope Haven, Inc. for transitional housing services for men and women
• $30,000 to InnerVision, Inc. for substance abuse services for mentally ill adults
• $30,000 to The Mecklenburg County Council of Boy Scouts of America for after-school prevention
• $30,000 to Men’s Shelter of Charlotte for substance abuse treatment services for men
• $30,000 to The Salvation Army for substance abuse treatment services for women
• $30,000 to St. Peter’s Homes at McCreesh Place for services for disabled formerly homeless men
• $30,000 to United Family Services for clinical services at the Shelter for Battered Women
• $30,000 to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Student Health Center for campus
alcohol prevention activities with students
• $30,000 to Urban Ministry Center for substance abuse treatment services for homeless men
• $25,000 to Dilworth Center for Chemical Dependency for adolescent treatment services
• $25,000 to First Baptist Church West Community Services Assn. for prevention services with youth
in Western Mecklenburg County
• $25,000 to Safer Communities Ministry, Inc. for services for locally incarcerated men
• $20,000 to Charlotte Area Health Education Center for training for Mecklenburg County substance
abuse clinicians
• $20,000 to Freedom House of Mecklenburg for prevention services for youth at the Salvation Army
• $14,155 to The Twelfth Step Service Club for education materials and facility upgrading
• $14,000 to Substance Abuse Prevention Services for the 2011 Youth Drug Survey

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