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Business Tax
Businesses Have Until December 10 to List Property with Tax Assessor
Businesses that have not listed the true value of their business property in Mecklenburg County have until December 10 to complete the listing with the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s Office.

The Assessor sent a total of 16,646 bills this week seeking payment of taxes on those businesses’ properties. Some of the businesses have failed to list properties and pay tax on those properties for as many as five years. The total amount of the tax, penalties and interest is valued at $430 million.

Earlier this year, the Assessor’s Office contracted with a local property tax firm to identify all businesses in the county that have never listed property.  Using a variety of resources, the firm compared property listings provided by the Assessor’s Office with all individuals and companies doing business in Mecklenburg County.  The firm was able to identify about 4000 business that are not listing their property with the County.
Individuals and businesses were encouraged, beginning in June, to comply with the requirement to list their property.  Of these businesses, over half subsequently submitted the proper paperwork. For those yet to respond the County is extending the opportunity to list the true value of property to December 10 before the assessor locks in an estimated value.  Instructions for amending the assessment within this grace period are available by calling 704-815-3805.

Businesses and individuals that fail to respond will have 30 days from the date of the bill to file an appeal of the forced assessment.  Any business that fails to respond either within the grace period or the appeal period will have no further remedy to change the assessment.  Businesses choosing to file an appeal must still pay the billed amount to avoid interest.  A refund of taxes paid will be issued for any adjustments to value that result. 


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