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County Composting: Stop Bagging Money and Putting it by the Curb
Did you know that there is an easier way to have a beautiful and natural landscape, plus save money and a lot of time and energy?

Mecklenburg County residents love their trees. In fact, Charlotte calls itself the "City of Trees." But it's a passion we pay for every autumn, spending weekends raking, blowing and bagging so can have the perfectly coifed lawn. We pay again for bags, and haul the leaves to the curb. And then we pay again - to purchase bags and truckloads compost, mulch, topsoil and fertilizer to enrich our soil for flowerbeds and lawns!

Did you know that there is an easier way to have a beautiful and natural landscape, plus save money and a lot of time and energy? Instead of bagging those leaves and stacking them by the curb for collection, drop them into a compost bin. By the time spring rolls around, that bin will be full of rich, black compost, ready to use in your garden. Think about it: Compost currently retails for as much as $5 or more per bag. What’s it made of? Exactly the materials that's you are raking and putting out by the curb!

Composting is easy to do. You can make an inexpensive bin on your own with some simple wire fencing in corner of your back yard, or purchase a commercial composting unit. After that, build your pile right and let nature take its course.

Mecklenburg County can help you get started. Enroll now in a class that will help you learn how to use those leaves and yard scraps to save money, and give your yard a beautiful and environmentally friendly makeover.

The Basic Home Composting Workshop is a two-hour, hands-on course that will teach you about home composting and residential recycling, soil preparation and management, toxicity reduction, grasscycling and mulching. Beginners are encouraged (and welcomed). Class is outdoors, so please dress appropriately and wear closed-toe shoes.

Registration fee of $10 includes instruction, booklet and a wire bin. Classes begin Saturday, Oct. 2 from 10 a.m. – noon and will be held at several locations: Friendship Trays and Little Sugar Creek Community Gardens, in Charlotte; and St. Albans Community Garden in Davidson, NC.

For more information and dates, click on the “Wipe Out Waste events” tab at, or call 704.201.2201.

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