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Board of County Commissioners Strategic Planning Retreat
Strategic Planning Retreat: Capital Budget
On Saturday, October 2, 2010 the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners will hold a Strategic Planning Retreat to discuss the Capital Budget

In light of issues surrounding this year's budget, the Commissioners and county staff made the decision to meet and discuss the upcoming budget year earlier and on a more frequent basis.  

Residents can watch the meeting live on uStream or get real time information by following Mecklenburg County on Facebook and Twitter.

Capital Budget Retreat 
October 2, 2010
Location:  Harris Conference Center

8.00 AM Breakfast

8.30 AM Welcome/Overview of Process
a.  Welcome/Introductory Remarks   Jones/BOCC
b.  Goals for the Budget Retreat Process   Yi
c.  Overview of the Process    Yi
d.  Process/Structure     Yi

9.00 AM How We Budget Overview
   a.  Managing for Results     SOI
   b.  Capital Budget Process     SOI
   c.  Capital Finance Overview    Diorio

10.45 AM Break

11.00 AM Capital Budget Process Policy Recommendations  Facilitator/SOI/Finance
  a.  Capital Budget and Plan
  b.  Capital Priority Setting
  c.  Capital Standards
  c.  Community Involvement
  d.  1% for Art Policy
  e.  Defining Success/Performance Measures
  f.  Funding Limit Capacity
  g.  $900 million in outstanding authority

12.00 PM Lunch

12.45 PM Capital Budget Process and Policy Recommendations (cont)

2.30 PM  Next Steps       Yi
               a.  Draft final policies
               b.  Schedule next meeting
               c.  Draft Financing Strategy/Debt Models

3.00 PM Adjourn

NOTES:  Policy discussion would use an outside facilitator

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