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Commercial and Condo Revaluation
2011 Mecklenburg County Revaluation Update
Commercial/Condo values to be mailed March 21

The 2011 Mecklenburg County property revaluation process continues with the Tax Assessor mailing new values to more than 25,000 owners of commercial property and 27,000 condominium owners.

State law requires each of North Carolina’s 100 counties to revalue property at least once every eight years. Mecklenburg County’s last revaluation was in 2003. The Board of County Commissioners considered reassessing property in 2009, but decided against it because of the recession.

New values were mailed Feb. 7 to 297,584 residential property owners. As of the deadline this week, there have been 35,012 informal appeals mailed back to the assessor’s office. The Assessor’s Office staff has been working up until today on determining commercial and condo values. Now that those are complete, staff will begin sorting through the residential appeals. There’s no estimate yet for how long it will take to get through all residential appeals.

The formal appeal process will begin in May for those residential property owners who are dissatisfied with the results of their informal appeal. The recently enlarged Board of Equalization and Review will consider formal appeals through June.

The 30-day appeal time-clock for commercial and condo owners starts March 21. Deadline is April 19. 

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