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Board Defers Discussion On Two Gun Bills
The Board was asked by staff to consider opposing two State House bills that would reduce some county control of concealed handguns.

The Board of County Commissioners held a Budget/Public Policy Workshop on Wednesday, March 9.

Manager Harry Jones asked the Board to consider opposing two NC House bills that would restrict the County’s flexibility in controlling handguns in certain locations. HB 63 relates to employers restricting employees from having handguns secured in their car in the business’ parking lot. The bill states that if an employer bans firearms in employee cars, the employee cannot be terminated if he violates the employer rule.

The second is HB 111. Currently counties have some flexibility about concealed carry in government buildings and other structures including parks. The proposal is to remove parks from the list, restricting the County’s ability to keep concealed weapons out of parks.
The Board deferred further discussion about the request from staff until its March 15 meeting.

The Board heard a report from Crossroads Charlotte about its community engagement project called Get Real 2011. Get Real has done 75 community meetings asking the groups about their priorities and thoughts about how to make the community better. The project is still in the early stages but initial finds so far show that the top priorities of Charlotte-Mecklenburg citizens are Education, Crime and Public Safety and Economic Development and job growth (which also are the BOCC's top priorities).  Final results will be presented to the City of Charlotte, The Board of County Commissioners and CMS to help them make decisions about their funding priorities.

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