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Spending Priorities
Board Sets Priorities for FY2012
The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners has given staff some direction about which County services the Board considers most important for the community.

The Board annually categorizes all County services into seven priority levels.

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Traditionally, those services in levels one and two get the bulk of County funding. Those in levels three, four and five are funded but sometimes at a reduced level. The prioritization does not actually determine whether a service is funded or not funded. It is a way for the Board to identify for staff the Board’s top priorities. Priority level one for the FY 12 budget will be CPCC Education Services, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Funding, Debt Service, Education Support Services and Job Training/Employment Assistance.

Priority 1
CPCC Education Services
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Funding
Debt Service
Education Support Services
Job Training/Employment Assistance

Priority 2
Business Imperatives
Communicable Illness/Disease Prevention & Treatment
Economic/Financial Assistance
Economic Development
Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention & Protection

Priority 3
Adult Mental Illness Prevention & Protection
Child & Adolescent Mental Illness Prevention & Treatment
Disability Prevention & Treatment
Domestic Violence Protection and Prevention
Library Services
Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment
Water Quality
Homelessness Services
Jails & Detention Facilities
Non-Communicable Illness/Disease Prevention & Treatment

Priority 4
Adult Abuse/Neglect Prevention & Protection
Community Violence Protection & Prevention
Court Services Coordination
Air Quality
Greenway Development & Management
Recreation & Leisure Programs
Parks, Fields & Recreation Centers

Priority 5
Aquatic Services
Athletic Services
Nature Preserves & Open Space
Building Safety
Aging-in-Place Services
Land Quality

Priority 6
Ethnic & Cultural Diversity
Regional Planning
Voting Services
Morgue and Medical Examiner

Priority 7
Advisory Committee Management/Citizen Participation
Financial Planning
Historic Preservation
Partnership/Underwriting Development
Personal Injury Prevention & Protection

Also at the February 22 BOCC meeting there was discussion about FY12 funding for outside agencies that provide community services. The Board agreed that non-profits seeking a Community Service Grant this year need to provide a service that impacts one of four specific areas. They are: Train and place unemployed workers, Improve the high school graduation rate, Prevent health risks and diseases and Promote financial self-sufficiency. The County is holding an information session for non-profits that want to apply for a portion of the $3 million available under the Community Service Grant program. It is on March 1 at 10:00 a.m. in room 267 of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center. Eligible 501 (c)(3)’s will have until March 31 to submit applications. Staff will review the applications in April and Harry Jones will include winning applicants in the Manager’s Recommended Budget to the board on May 17. Additional details about the application process can be found here.

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