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Tax Office
Errant Vehicle Tax Legal Notices Go to 9,400 Taxpayers
Mecklenburg County Tax Collector Neal Dixon says 25,224 legal action notices to taxpayers this week included 9,400 to folks who should not have received them.
The notice was for taxpayers with past due registered motor vehicle bills. Dixon says his office discovered today that the incorrect letters went to taxpayers whose bills are not past due until July 1. The last day to pay without interest  is June 30.  The remaining 15,823 letters went to taxpayers correctly. 

Dixon assures the affected taxpayers that there will be no repercussions to them for this error. 

“We have taken steps to ensure that there will not be any legal action enforcement for these bills if they are paid on or before June 30th,” says Dixon.

The Office of the Tax Collector will also mail each affected taxpayer a letter voiding the legal action notice.  Dixon asks that those taxpayers retain that letter for their records.

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