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Homeless Resource Center
Homeless Resource Center Readies for March Opening
Mecklenburg County’s Community Support Services plans to open the Homeless Resource Center (HRC) in March 2011 to serve homeless people when there is no place else to go.
The center is intended to be a place where the homeless can get help with accessing Medicaid, disability and recovery services, and enjoy a meal safely indoors.

The HRC will be located in renovated space formerly occupied by the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner’s Office at 618 North College Street. The HRC will be staffed by two social workers and one social work assistant, and will be open during times that other locations that serve the homeless -- such as the Urban Ministry Center -- are not open.  The HRC will not replace these vital homeless community resources, but rather supplement them when they are not open.

Several volunteer organizations will provide food, while the County and its partner organizations offer services on weekday evenings, and weekend mornings. The services provided at HRC will assist in stabilizing the lives of homeless people and ready them for permanent housing.  The center was first proposed in January 2010 to provide local groups a space to feed homeless residents instead of doing so at a nearby outdoor location referred to as “The Wall.”

On-site security, security cameras, and local law enforcement presence is also part of the plan for the HRC to keep everyone safe.

For more information or to find out how you can help, please contact  Mecklenburg County Community Support Services Director Stacy Lowry or Homeless Services Director Peter Safir.

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