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IKEA Child Support
IKEA to Furnish Kids' Play Area at Child Support Office
IKEA Charlotte has announced it would fund a grant request to furnish a new children's area at Child Support Enforcement Office, at 5800 Executive Center Dr # 200, Charlotte.

The idea came from CSE Director Joan Kennedy, who wanted kids at the center to have an area where they can play and learn that was away from where parents talk about sensitive child support issues to CSE staff.

Kennedy browsed the IKEA website and created a wish list of exactly what she would like to see in a children's area at the center. IKEA reps recently said they would donate each of the items Kennedy requested through a grant application submitted by our Public Service & Information Department.

IKEA also said they will keep the area fresh and new in appearance by donating replacement items for the children's area as they become needed. PSI is creating a video to document the partnership that will be ready in the coming weeks.

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