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Main Library Committee Holds First Meeting
The newly formed Main Library Committee held its first meeting November 14 to investigate the best use of the main library building and property.

The Main Library Committee held it's first meeting on November 14, exploring ways to make the most of the main library facility uptown Charlotte. Formation of the seven-member citizen committee was recommended by the Future if the Library Task Force in the Spring of 2011. Special emphasis will be placed on use of the facility and the possible consolidation of the main library with ImaginON, the facility jointly operated by the library and Children's theatre, or other County-owned facilities.

The main library is a 150,000 square foot building that was remodeled to it's current footprint in 1987 at North Tryon and 6th Street. It is one of 20 library facilities around the County. The library estimates that 12,000 people use the main library every day. It houses historical documents that can't be found at any of the branch locations.

Committee Chairman Jim Palermo asked committee staff to gather information about occupancy in buildings along and adjacent to the North Tryon corridor and to determine if there are parties interested in the library building or property. He also asked if the County has office space available anywhere uptown that might be used to house the main library and staff will provide that information at a future meeting. Committee member Carol Hull asked if there is space at any of the other 19 library facilities that could house some of the function of the main location. Staff responded that there is no measurable space at any of the branches.

The committee will meet next on December 12 and monthly after that. The process may include a public meeting so library customers can comment on use of the main library. The committee is expected to complete it's work and make recommendations by April 2012.

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