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Board of Equalization & Review Hears Revaluation Appeals
The Board of Equalization & Review is a panel of 15 citizens appointed by the Board of County Commissioners that reviews assessments appealed by property owners.

As of April 22, 41,748 property owners have filed informal appeals which are being reviewed by tax assessor staff. The formal appeal process is step two in a potentially three-step process that ends with the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.
The General Assembly gave Mecklenburg County approval to increase the size of the Board of Equalization and Review to 15 members this year to help with an expected 8,000 formal appeals. The Board meets April 26 and April 28 for orientation and organizational matters. The Board will operate in five panels of three members each, membership rotating among panels as needed, in order to hear as many appeals as possible. The Board may decrease, increase, or adjust the other properties for equalization, or leave the assessment the same.

The Board will hear appeals throughout May and June. Property owners have until the Board’s adjournment to file a formal appeal.


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