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Landfill Ban
TVs, Computers Banned From Landfills Beginning July 1
Under a new state law that takes effect July 1, 2011, televisions and computers and related computer equipment will be banned from landfills in North Carolina.

The electronic waste disposal ban affects computer equipment, including CPUs, laptops, monitors, printers, printer/fax/scan devices, mice and keyboards; and all televisions, including flat-panel televisions, projection televisions and televisions with picture tubes.

Year-round, residents may drop off televisions and computer equipment at no charge to one of the County Electronics Collection sites. Click for address, hours of operation and more.

Businesses should make arrangements for disposing of their e-waste at one of the Electronics Recyclers E-Waste sites.

The landfill ban on these e-wastes was included in Session Law 2010-67 of the General Assembly, which establishes an electronics recycling program for North Carolina with shared responsibility between manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and local and state government.

More information about the statewide e-waste disposal ban and alternate forms of e-waste management is available at the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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