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Transition of the Health Department
Teams from Mecklenburg County and Carolinas Healthcare System are developing plans for transfer of public health services to County operation.

A collaborative planning process has begun for the transition of public health services from Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS) to County operations.  Over the past several weeks, staff with Mecklenburg County and CHS have been working together to plan for the future provision of the County’s public health services. Both organizations remain committed to providing high-quality health services throughout this time of transition. A County transition team has met twice with their counterparts from CHS.  The initial meetings have lead to the creation of five work groups to coordinate the following functions:

  • communication
  • human resources
  • budget and finance
  • real estate and inventory
  • information technology

The Board of County Commissioners voted in July to authorize the County Manager to end the County’s contract with CHS no later than June 30, 2013.

All employees in the Health Department have received information about this process.  A variety of communications channels, including e-mail, memos, employee forums, and websites will be used to ensure important information reaches employees, the public and the Board.  Background and other information about this transition are available on the Public Health Transition web page.

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