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Every year at this time, throughout the United States, we highlight the importance of the financial support parents provide to their children. And we want to thank them for the consistent way they pay their child support.

Child Support EnforcementIt matters to us and, more importantly, it matters to the children.

This year, Mecklenburg County Child Support Enforcement (CSE) staff will celebrate Child Support Awareness Month with several special events. That includes collecting and donating of personal hygiene items and hosting a pillow drive. These items will be donated to women’s shelters and transitional living facilities. Our Outreach Team is also visiting women’s shelters in Mecklenburg County to provide an orientation of our program.

Other events planned for this month include;
Non-Custodial Parent Week
August 11-15 – The male staff of CSE will supply all male non-custodial parents with neckties to assist them with proper dress attire when pursuing employment.
August 14 – CSE male staff will host a two-hour Fatherhood Initiative Orientation. It will focus on the rights and responsibilities of fathers who have been named in a child support case. The orientation will start at 6 p.m.
Children’s Event
August 18-22 – CSE will provide a bag of school supplies to each child that visits their offices with custodial or non-custodial parents. Each bag will include: a pencil, eraser, crayons, notebook paper, a clear pencil pouch and composition notebooks for children ages eight to 13.
August 22 – CSE Community Outreach Committee will provide Albemarle Road Elementary School students with school supplies donated by staff during the months of July and August.

In Mecklenburg County we are working hard to make the child support processes more efficient and easier to access:
  • Easy Pay makes it possible to pay child support with a credit card.
  • eChild is our 24/7 web network where parents can check their arrears balance, change their employer or personal contact information, or email a question about their account.
  • Our customer care center is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. to speak with parents about their case. The phone number is 704-432-9300, Option #7.
As always, we need help to make things run smoothly and prevent arrears build-up. Remember to call us, or use eChild, if there is a change in employers or a relocation. If there is a cell phone number and/or email address, please let us know.
Regularly paid child support strengthens the bond between parent and child that will last a lifetime and provides children with many of the essentials for living. With school clothes and shoes, lunches and a few extras, child support can make a real difference.
For more information, visit: our website here or call 704 432-9300.