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​Mayor Patrick Cannon announces “Shovel Charlotte!” – a public service campaign asking residents to  help to clear their sidewalks of snow as the Charlotte area gets back to business after this week’s snow storm.

Residents are also asked to assist neighbors that need help shoveling snow off sidewalks.
When shoveling snow, residents should take precaution against injury. Although shoveling is great exercise, there are a few precautions to take. Visit the link below to review snow shoveling precautions recommended by the National Safety Council.

Got some great snow shoveling techniques?  The City wants to show Charlotteans in action. Share your shovel shots by using the hashtag, #ShovelCLT, on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll post some of our favorites to the City’s Flickr page.

For more information visit
Why doesn’t the City clear sidewalks?

The City clears thoroughfares, bus routes, residential collectors and neighborhood streets, right-of- ways and entrances into hospitals and first responder facilities. Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks and private property clear of snow and ice.  Throughout the year, owners are also expected to keep sidewalks clear of debris, grass, overgrowth and trash.  We all love our walk and want to help Charlotte stay beautiful and as safe as possible.