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​This written summary regarding involvement between the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services and child TR is being made pursuant to G.S. 7B-2902:


          This case came to the attention of the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, Division of Youth and Family Services (YFS), on 10 March 2014.   The referral alleged that TR and his mother, Shamika Reaves, were residing in a home in which another female and her children also lived.  The referral alleged that one of the other female’s children had been sexual assaulted by that child’s grandfather approximately two months earlier and that that child victim had, at some point, sexually assaulted TR.

          On the same day YFS initiated an investigation and contacted the occupant of the home where the mothers were supposed to be living. The referral did not contain a phone number, only an address.  Ms. Reaves and TR were not at the address but a phone number was provided for Ms. Reaves by the occupant of the home.  Ms. Reaves returned the initial message but then broke off the call.  Over the next week the investigator made repeated efforts to speak with Ms. Reaves by telephone or in person.  Ms. Reaves answered some calls but not all, and on each occasion refused to provide her address.  Ms. Reaves also agreed to several scheduled appointments but did not appear for those meetings.
          The investigator continued to make efforts to physically locate TR and his mother but was unsuccessful until 17 March 2014 when Ms. Reaves responded to a voice message and scheduled an appointment with the investigator.  She then appeared with TR and Corey McCree at a YFS office.  Corey McCree is Ms. Reaves’ boyfriend.
          The investigator interviewed TR about the allegations and he gave contradictory statements regarding whether the other child had touched him inappropriately.  The investigator also spoke with Mr. McCree and Ms. Reaves but was unable to reach a conclusion regarding the allegations and advised Ms. Reaves that she would be scheduling a forensic evaluation on the child at Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center.  Pat’s Place is the only child advocacy center in Mecklenburg County and is frequently used to conduct forensic interviews of children in cases involving YFS or law enforcement.  The forensic interview was scheduled for 7 April 2014 but Ms. Reaves did not appear with TR for the interview.
          Thereafter the investigator made multiple attempts to reach Ms. Reaves.  Her telephone number was disconnected.  Efforts were also made to find other addresses and to reach out to collaterals that might have information as to her whereabouts.  None of those efforts were successful and the case remained open with efforts being made to locate Ms. Reaves and TR when the latest report was received on 20 May 2014 that TR had been hospitalized. Prior to this report DSS had not had any involvement with, or received any referrals on this child.