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County Manager Announces Executive Team Changes
Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio has announced the reorganization of the County Manager’s Executive Team as the first step in implementing changes to improve operations. The transition to the new structure is effective immediately.
The new organization will create an Executive Team structure that is able to help Diorio achieve the overall vision of Mecklenburg County.
"That vision includes my being more involved in the day-to-day operation of the County, practicing fiscal responsibility, improving service delivery, better aligning services, addressing inefficiencies, and increasing the effectiveness of communication between staff, the Board and me," Diorio said in a message to employees and staff on Jan. 8, 2014. "I believe this change will provide the organization with the structure necessary to serve residents and the Board in an efficient and effective manner."
The Executive Team will include a newly created position of Deputy County Manager/Chief of Staff. The County’s Human Resources Director, Chris Peek, will be the Deputy County Manager/Chief of Staff. He will continue to serve as the County’s Chief Human Resources Officer.
There will be three Assistant County Managers and functions will be realigned so that each Assistant County Manager will have responsibility for a particular segment of governance - Financial Services, Sustainable Communities, or Health and Human Services. The Assistant County Manager - Financial Services is a vacant position and has already been posted. The Assistant County Manager - Sustainable Communities role will be filled by Leslie Johnson, who moves from the role of Interim Assistant County Manager to Assistant County Manager. The Assistant County Manager - Consolidated Health and Human Services Agency role will be filled by Michelle Lancaster.
The role of liaison for a number of partner agencies will be reassigned from the Assistant County Managers to Senior Assistant to the County Manager Carol Hickey, who will be reporting to the Deputy County Manager/Chief of Staff. The Budget Office and the Office of the Tax Assessor will report directly to Diorio.
Two positions have been eliminated as a result of the reorganization, resulting in a net cost reduction of approximately of $325,000, Diorio said.
An updated Executive Team organizational chart can be found at: