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​Mecklenburg County has been awarded Bronze recognition by the State Electronics Challenge—a national environmental stewardship program—for its accomplishments in responsible end-of- life management of its computer and imaging equipment in 2013.  

“The County has been participating in the Challenge for one year, and to have earned an award so quickly is a demonstration of the environmental leadership of the County,” said Lynn Rubinstein, State Electronics Challenge Program manager.

“The SEC program has been truly beneficial to Mecklenburg County. Our team is excited to have earned this award and we look forward to continued participation,” said Erin DeBerardinis, Energy Manager for Mecklenburg County. 

As a result of its responsible recycling of computer and imaging equipment in its first year in the Challenge, Mecklenburg County saved enough energy to power almost 250 households per year, avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing more than 230 cars from the road per year, avoided more than 31,000 pounds of hazardous waste from being created—equivalent to the weight of 116 refrigerators, as well as avoiding the generation of almost 200,000 pounds of trash. 

Mecklenburg achieved these results by using an electronics recycler that has achieved environmental certification through both the R2 and e-Stewards electronic recycling standards.  

The State Electronics Challenge assists state, regional, tribal, and local governments to reduce the environmental impact of their office equipment. It annually recognizes the accomplishments of Partner organizations. The Challenge is administered by the Northeast Recycling Council. Currently, 133 state, tribal, regional, and local government agencies in 36 states, collectively employing 170,000 people, have joined the SEC as Partners. For more information on the SEC, including a list of current partner organizations, visit