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​A NO SWIMMING advisory was issued today for a portion of Mountain Island Lake in Charlotte.

The “no swimming” advisory was issued after approximately 5,500 gallons of sewage from an overflowing sanitary sewer manhole discharged into a tributary of Nance Cove on Mountain Island Lake during the afternoon of May 6, 2014. The discharge was stopped by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department after being reported.
Water samples will be collected in the cove by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services staff. Sampling will continue until levels of fecal coliform bacteria fall below 200-colonies/100 ml, which is the level determined to be safe for swimming. When bacteria counts reach this level, the no swimming advisory will be lifted. 
Rusty Rozzelle, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services’ Water Quality program manager, said the advisories are standard procedure. "It was necessary to close the areas to recreation because of the potential risk to human health. That’s because Mountain Island Lake is designated as recreational waters,” said Rozzelle.
Media Contact: Rusty Rozzelle   Office: 704-336-5449