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The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) met June 26, 2014, to discuss the goals and activities needed to stimulate economic development in the County.

The Board's broad goals include reducing the unemployment rate from what it is today -- approximately 6.7 percent -- to below 5 percent; increasing the number and variety of jobs to accommodate a diverse workforce; and growing the value of commercial and business property.
We’re on the way: In 2013, 1,138 firms added 11,530 new jobs.
The Economic Development Planning Retreat was attended by the BOCC, our community economic development partners, and County management and staff.
In the first workshop, groups were asked to discuss and answer questions about what types of jobs are needed and what new attractions and facilities need to be built to achieve the overall vision of what Mecklenburg County should look like in the next five to 10 years.
Currently, economic development opportunities are targeted to six industry sectors: health, energy, defense, finance, motorsports, and film. During the workshop, the group added manufacturing as a sector that needs attention.
In the second workshop, the Board discussed what its role should be in the areas of attracting tourism and new business; supporting small and existing businesses; developing a workforce; and supporting arts and culture.
The actions and policies that were identified in the workshops will serve as the framework for a County economic development plan. The BOCC and County staff are eager to work with their community partners toward a robust future for economic development.