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The Community Support Services Women’s Commission is well known for working with domestic violence victims, children that are exposed to the abuse and with the abusers themselves.
They are also well known for their community involvement and outreach.

The staff of the Women’s Commission spends a lot of time engaged in education and awareness efforts with businesses, local colleges, hospitals and places of worship. Coordinating a Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau in partnership with Safe Alliance, the CSS Women’s Commission assists in hundreds of events every year reaching tens of thousands of County residents. With nearly 100 volunteers (mostly survivors of abusive relationships), the staff at the Women’s Commission facilitates everything from health fairs to trainings, lunch time discussions, to church groups and congregations.
The CSS Women’s Commission is also heavily involved in helping neighborhoods reclaim their communities due to high crime through Project Safe Neighborhoods. Here are just a few highlights from Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and other community events.

Domestic Violence March

The CSS Women’s Commission leads a march on The Square in response to any domestic violence related homicide that takes place in Mecklenburg County. These are scheduled the first Thursday following the homicide in partnership with community programs and agencies.
Speakers Bureau at Bobcats Game
More than twenty volunteers from the Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau joined the eNOugh campaign’s Lisa Gray and Women’s Commission Social Workers Courtney Lawrence and Alli Csehill at a Bobcats game during DV Awareness Month.
Step for Change Walkers

Women’s Commission staff members; Erin Concelman, Jacquie Shields, Chary Caraballo, Brandolyn McPhail, Courtney Lawrence and Jennifer Cannon join 150 other walkers for a Step For Change. (Other staff participating  not in this photo were Kim Livingston and Deniese McCain)

    Chief Rodney Monroe DV Tree

Chief Rodney Monroe hangs a ribbon memorializing domestic violence related homicide victims across the State of North Carolina at the annual DV Memorial Tree facilitated by Women’s Commission staff member Mike Sexton.

A delegation of Judges from Turkey meet with Women’s Commission staff members to discuss domestic violence in Charlotte.
Pakistan Nepal interns


Legislative Fellows from Pakistan and Nepal intern with the Women’s Commission.
  Legislateive Fellows from Pakistan and Sri Lanka 
Legislative Fellows from Pakistan and Sri Lanka meet with Women’s Commission staff members.
These international events are made possible due to a partnership with International House and the U.S. State Department.
From providing services for victims, children and abusers to reaching our community as a whole, the CSS Women’s Commission seeks to piece the puzzle together to end domestic violence. For more information on the effects of domestic violence in Mecklenburg County call the Community Support Services Women’s Commission at 704-336-3210
If you would like for a speaker to come to your event please call the DV Speakers Bureau at 704-432-1568 or go to