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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Key Initiatives​

 Executive Team


County Manag​er​​

Dena R. Diorio
Portrait Dena Diorio
  • ​​​Countywide Reappraisal
  • Health and Human Services
  • School Health

Assistant County Manager​

Leslie Johnson
Portrait Leslie Johnson
  • Small Business Policy
  • Public Recreation Amenities
  • Park & Recreation Capital Planning

Assistant County Manager​​​​​

Mark L. Foster
Portrait Mark Foster
  • Next Countywide Reappraisal
  • Capital Improvement Program & Bond Referendum
  • 2017 Technology Reserve Projects
Full Performance Plan​​​​​​​​​​​

Assistant County Manager​

Anthony Trotman
Portrait Leslie Johnson
  • Service Efficiency Collaboration Project
  • Eckerd Study Recommendations
  • School Health


 Department Directors

A​sset and Facilities Management

Mark P. Hahn  
Portrait Mark Hahn
  • Capital Reserve Project
  • Enterprise Security Strategy

Board of Elections

Michael Dickerson  
Portrait Michael Dickerson​​
  • Outfit Early Voting for General Election
  • Presidential Election
  • Public Education Campaign

Child Support Enforcement

Joan Kennedy  
Portrait Joan Kennedy​​
  • ​​​Integrated Service Project
  • Strengthening Families

Community Support Services

Stacy M. Lowry  
Portrait Stacy Lowry
  • ​​​Integrated Service Project

County Assessor's Office

Kenneth Joyner  
Portrait Kenneth Joyner​​
  • Close 2011 Revaluation
  • Implement Quality Control
  • Develop Communication Strategies

Criminal Justice Services

Sonya Harper  
Portrait Sonya Harper
  • New Director Learning
  • CJS Risk Analysis
  • Safety and Justice Challenge Oversight

Department of Social Services

Peggy Eagan  
Portrait Peggy Eagan
  • Integrated Service Project
  • Service Efficiency Collaboration Project
  • NCFAST Phase III

Economic Development Office

Peter Zeiler  
Portrait Peter Zeiler​​
  • Evaluate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

Financial Services Department

Wanda Reeves  
Portrait Wanda Reeves​​
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Procurement Implementation

Health Department

Marcus Plescia, MD, MPH  
Portrait Marcus Plescia​​
  • Integrated Service Project
  • Population-based Interventions
  • School Health

Human Resources

Joel Riddle  
Portrait Joel Riddle​​
  • Market Pricing Study
  • Job Description Development
  • FLSA Updates
  • Peoplesoft Upgrade

Information Technology Services

Keith G. Gregg  
Portrait Keith Gregg​​
  • FY17 Tech Reserve Projects
  • Comprehensive Computer Replacement and Deployment
  • MS Enterprise Agreement

Internal Audit

Joanne Prakapas  
Portrait Joanne Prakapas​​
  • Execute FY2017 Audit Plan
  • Update Fraud Awareness Training
  • Update Ethics Training


Ebenezer S. Gujjarlapudi  
Portrait Ebenezer S. Gujjarlapudi​​
  • GovOnline- Electronic Application Software Implementation
  • Storm Water CIP Metrics
  • Urban Area Security Initiative

Medical Examiner's Office

Thomas D. Owens, MD  
Portrait Thomas Owens​​
  • Build a National Best in Class Operation
  • Build Collaborative Partnerships
  • Maintain Sustainability

Park & Recreation

James Garges  
Portrait James Garges​​
  • Increase Access to Recreation
  • Contracts & Internal Business Process Improvement
  • Capital Project Management

Public Information

Danny Diehl  
Portrait Danny Diehl​​
  • Migrate to AZURE
  • FY17 Communication Plan
  • Community Relations Strategic Plan


Irwin Carmichael  
Portrait Irwin Carmichael​​
  • Inmate Scheduling and Video Visitation
  • Body-Worn Camera Project
  • Property & Evidence Division

Office of the Tax Collector

Neal Dixon  
Portrait Neal Dixon​​
  • Gross Receipts Replacement
  • Increase Tax Info Online
  • Gross Receipts Audit RFP