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Joint Capital Master Planning

IBM has provided services to Mecklenburg County to analyze the issue of integrating capital master planning in Mecklenburg County and recommend a course of action. These services were delivered by five IBM executives working full-time in Mecklenburg County for three weeks (November 1-19). On November 19 IBM delivered a roadmap document with short and long-term recommendations for integrating capital master planning in Mecklenburg County. There was no cost to Mecklenburg County other than staff time to coordinate with the IBM team. Mecklenburg County is under no obligation to enter into future business with IBM regarding the proposed roadmap or for other products and/or services.

At the Board's February 1 meeting, IBM presented its final report to the Board with the title "Think as One, Act as One." The IBM team concluded that all local government entities, not just the Board of County Commissioners, should be at the table when decisions about capital projects are made. IBM emphasizes that the decisions about which projects are approved for construction should not be made in a vacuum, but with input from all local government entities to get the best result for the community.

The BOCC will consider the IBM plan and staff recommendations as part of the FY12 budget process.

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