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Mecklenburg County, in partnership with public television station WTVI, has embarked on a digital journey.  It's a journey to bring Mecklenburg County programming and information into homes throughout a thirteen county area. 

GOV-TV is an over-the-air broadcast channel featuring news, information and programming exclusively about government in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding communities.  GOV-TV broadcasts over the air on digital channel 11.3 and on Time Warner digital cable channel 232. 

Mecklenburg County's Public Service and Information Department programs GOV-TV.  It is estimated that about 70,000 households in the Mecklenburg County area can currently view the television channel. But that number will increase dramatically as broadcasters, cable operators and consumers complete their conversions to digital technology in the coming years. 

 Programming will include meetings of the Board of County Commissioners, Mecklenburg Forum, Healthy Connections, Common Threads, Today's Sheriff, Ray's Game of the Week, and many other County productions.  Other governments will also have the opportunity to produce programming for GOV-TV, including the City of Charlotte, six towns of Mecklenburg County and the surrounding counties. 

GOV-TV is but one step in the digital and information evolution of Mecklenburg County.  It is hoped that the County and the citizens we serve will one day be linked in a vast web of knowledge, from our various printed publications to this web site and now GOV-TV.  All interconnected and all interactive, putting information about Mecklenburg County government just the click of a mouse or the turn of a dial away. 


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