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​PSO Newsletter - Spring 2015

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Spring 2015 PSO Consumer Newsletter

Connie’s Corner

Spring15.jpgHappy Spring! I hope you are enjoying our beautiful City this time of year with all of the beautiful trees, bushes and flowers blooming. Of course if you suffer from allergies, this may be your least favorite time of the year. Many of you have heard the saying about Spring being a time of change; well the PSO is going through its own Spring in the coming months.

The PSO will no longer exist as a Mecklenburg County Department. Substance Use Disorder treatment programs at the Jail and Shelters will be transferred to the Community Support Services Department. The Children’s Developmental Services and the Trauma and Justice Partnerships Divisions are being transitioned to the Health Department. The Substance Abuse Services Center will be divested to a private provider. The County is in discussion with Anuvia at this time about taking over the operation of the Substance Abuse Services Center. So lots of changes are going on. The plan is for all of these changes to take place July 1, 2015.

Change is never easy. But that is a given in this day and time. Some look at change as a bad thing others look at it a good thing. I tend to be one who looks at it as a good thing. If we didn’t have change, imagine how boring our lives would be. Of course we would all prefer that the change happen in our timeframe but it doesn’t always work out that way. I can tell you that for me, when I have been forced to change; most times it has worked out for the best. I may not have been able to see it at the time, but with time, as I look back, I realize it was exactly what needed to happen. I believe everything happens for a reason and if we have faith, we know it will work out the way it is supposed to. If you think about the words in the Serenity Prayer,"….accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference," I believe it is the perfect prescription for living with change. As human beings we have control over two things every day, what we do (our actions, words, thoughts etc.) and how we respond to what happens to us. That’s it. So I choose to embrace change and look for the positive, what do you choose?

Substance Abuse Services Go Tobacco-Free

Effective March 18, 2015, a Board of Health Rule prohibits smoking in all government-owned buildings in Mecklenburg County, the City of Charlotte, and surrounding Mecklenburg County towns, as well as any City, County or Town vehicles, grounds, parks, greenways, or parklands. The tobacco-free designation includes electronic-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, water pipes, etc., as well as traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

This includes a ban on tobacco use at the Substance Abuse Services Center where Detox and Residential consumers previously used tobacco products in the facility courtyard. Consumers will be given options to help kick the habit.


Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m - 5 p.m.


Jonathan Myers