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  • Hydromania -  A moderate-to-high intensity shallow water workout.  All over body toning and cardiovascular workout.  Since each participant works at their own pace, this class is great for the beginner to the most advanced participant.

  • Easy Does It - A low-level, low-impact shallow water exercise program.  Activities include water walking, aerobic exercise to build cardiovascular endurance and range of motion exercises.  "Easy Does It" is out motto.  Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace.  At the Aquatic Center only, a 10-percent discount is offered with a doctor's prescription.  Must have a new prescription every session.

  • Water Fitness - Use the power of water to maximize resistance and improve RANGE OF MOTION, while toning muscles. This drop in class is moderate to high impact aerobics. Routines are modified for the novice and fortified for advanced participants. You cool down with relaxing, gentle stretches.

  • Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise - Gentle stretches and range of motion exercises keep tender joints mobile.  The buoyancy of the water assists movements, while the resistance strengthens muscles that support joints.  This class is sanctioned by the Arthritis Foundation.

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