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Existing Greenways

The Mecklenburg County greenway system is quickly becoming one of the finest in the country. Greenways are vegetated natural buffers that improve water quality, reduce the impacts of flooding, and provide wildlife habitat. Greenway trails provide recreation, transportation, fitness, and economic benefits for all to enjoy. There are over 35 miles of developed greenways in Mecklenburg County.

Neighborhood Benefits
  • Connect and link people to adjacent neighborhoods, landmarks and activities
  • Pedestrian-oriented accessibility
  • Increase in property values and residential safety

Recreational Benefits

  • Provides for hiking, strolling, biking and other community-wide recreational activities
  • Close-to-home and work access to greater proportions of the population
  • Promote Charlotte Mecklenburg as an active health-conscious community

Active Transportation

  • Non-motorized users
  • Connect to important destinations
Community Benefits
  • Festivals
  • Spaces available for special events

Educational Benefits

  • Promote Greenway link to schools, cultural, civic and religious centers
  • Environmental awareness education programs
  • Create natural, interpretative trails, outdoor amphitheaters and open-air studios

Environmental Benefits

  • Improve water quality by buffering streams and trapping pollutants
  • Preserve wildlife habitat biodiversity 
  • Reduce flood damage
  • Reduce traffic congestions and promote clean air


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