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July 28, 2009

Charlotte, NC -- Charter Properties, Inc., developer of Long Creek Club Apartments, will donate $188,000 plus land worth an estimated $500,000 (about seven acres) to help Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department get started on the new Long Creek Greenway in northwest Charlotte.

The money will be donated in a symbolic “big check” to Partners for Parks and presented at a luncheon on Thursday, July 30 at Long Creek Club Apartments. Partners for Parks President Priscilla Walters will accept the check.  Partners for Parks is a nonprofit organization that seeks donations for parks and green space.
Long Creek Greenway will eventually run from I-77 near Northlake Mall, three miles west, crossing Reames Road and Beatties Ford Road, and on to Primm Road. The greenway is also part of the plan for Carolina Thread Trail, expected to run through 15 counties.

"We support greenways," says Charter Properties Senior Vice President John Porter. “We know residents like to live near greenways, and in this sense greenway development in Mecklenburg County has real commercial value to help expand the county’s tax base."

"Having a developer make this kind of donation will move the Long Creek Greenway toward a faster start,” said Park and Recreation Director Jim Garges.  “Charter Properties is a strong supporter of greenway development and will be a great neighbor for our new greenway. Charter recognizes both the recreational and commercial value of greenways.” Garges hopes this donation will serve as a positive example to other developers.

The donation of land and money from Charter Properties is expected to allow design to begin by early next year, according to Jason Pauling, Senior Greenway Planner for Park and Recreation. Pauling noted that Charter’s donation of money will also be used, in part, to provide two links between the greenway and Long Creek Club Apartments, enabling residents to travel easily from their homes onto a greenway for wholesome recreation and beautiful natural surroundings.

Charter Properties also developed the property called Bexley on the Greenway, on Harris Blvd, beside Mallard Creek Greenway. Both Bexley and Long Creek Club Apartments publicize proximity to greenways, present and future, as a valued amenity for residents.
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