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Charlotte, NC-- Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation offers many great programs for kids looking for something positive to do on Spring Break from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Program and day camp offerings are low cost with options to serve youngsters and teens from elementary through high school. Dates and times of spring break activities vary, and they are held at many Park and Recreation venues. Information and online sign-ups for Spring Break activities are on, click on Eparks, and use the Course Codes listed below, or call 311: Offerings include:

Out of School PLAY Days:
  • Arbor Glen Outreach Center: Ages 6-11 (Apr. 5-9) M– F; 11am-5pm, Course Code # Course Code #9187
  • Ivory Baker Recreation Center: Ages 6-11 (Apr. 5– 9) M-F; 8:30am–5:30pm, Course Code #8868

No School! Yes Nature! – Reedy Creek Nature Center:

  • Wiggly Works - Ages 8-12(Apr.7–Wed.) 2pm–3pm, Course Cod #9400
  • Making Trails - Ages 8-12 (Apr. 8–Thurs.) 2pm–3pm, Course Code #9401
  • Basketball and Beyond Skills Camp: Amay James Recreation Center: Ages 7-12 (Apr. 5-8) M-Th, 9am–5pm, Course Code #6706

Eco Fit Spring Break:

  • Wallace Pruitt Recreation Center: Ages 6-11 (Apr. 5-9) M-F; 9am–4pm, Course Code #9017
  • Tom Sykes Recreation Center: Ages 12-14 (Apr. 5– 9) M-F; 9am–4pm, Course Code #9015
  • St. Paul’s Ray of Hope Center: Ages 15-17 (Apr. 5–9) M-F; 9am–4pm, Course Code #9026
  • Ray’s Chill Days: Ray’s Splash Planet: Ages 6-11 (Apr. 5–9) M-F; 8:30am–4:30pm, Course Code #7649
  • Fit Camp: Mallard Creek Recreation Center: Ages 5-11 (Apr. 5–9) M-F; 7am–6pm, Course Code #7235
  • Discovery Camp: Reedy Creek Nature Center: Ages 8-12 (Apr. 5–9) M-F; 9am–4pm, Course Code #9313
  • Girls in Science Spring Break Camp: Latta Plantation Nature Center: Ages 7-12 (Apr. 6–8) Tu-Th; 9am–3pm, Course Code #9896
  • Springing Into Service Camp: Bette Rae Thomas Recreation Center: Ages 6-11 (Apr. 6–8) Tu-Th; 12:30pm–4:30pm, Course Code #7634
  • Youth Fun Time: Sugaw Creek Recreation Center: Ages 7-11 (Apr. 7–Wed.) 12pm–3pm, Course Code #8346
  • Spring Break Excel Camp: West Charlotte Recreation Center: Ages 10-15 (Apr. 5– 9) M-F; 8:30am–5pm, Course Code #9139
  • Teen Spring Break Skate Camp: Grayson Skate Park: Ages 7-14 (Apr. 5–9) M-F; 9am–5pm, Course Code #9769
  • Divine Divas: Southview Recreation Center: Ages 12-15 (Apr. 5–8) M-H; 8am–5pm, Course Code #6997
  • College Tour: Ivory Baker Recreation Center: Ages 14-18 (Apr. 9–Fri.), 9am–3pm, Course Code #9220