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The project will impact residents who use the Upper McAlpine Creek Greenway, James Boyce Park, and McAlpine Creek Park and also those who drive on Providence Road.
In order to allow the City’s contractor to complete sewer pipe installation under Upper McAlpine Creek Greenway, the greenway will be closed between Sardis Road and Monroe Road beginning May 27. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD) are working closely to reduce the impact of the sewer project on adjacent public facilities such as Boyce Park and McAlpine Creek Park, especially the fall 5K race season. The 5K trail events in McAlpine Creek Park will not be interrupted between August 1 and December 15 of any year. Both James Boyce Park and McAlpine Creek Park will be open and accessible, although some areas may be limited during construction.
To make residents aware of these closings, Park & Rec and CMUD are doing the following:
  • Neighborhood leaders and other contacts will be emailed about upcoming work
  • Signs have been installed in parks and entrances to alert residents about the sewer project and greenway closure.
In addition, crews will be closing Providence Road near McAlpine Creek to repave the road after installing a 54-inch diameter sewer pipe. Work will begin on June 16th with a lane open each direction for approximately four days. Starting around 6:00 a.m. on June 20th, all lanes will be closed and traffic detoured onto Old Providence Road and Sardis Road through the June 21-22 weekend. Once all lanes are closed, contractor is required to work 24 hours a day until at least one lane is opened in each direction. The contractor will minimize after hour noises as much as possible. Once majority of rebuilding and repaving is complete, at least one lane will be opened in each direction as crews complete final tasks. 
The following efforts were made to notify residents and minimize disruptions:
  • The road closure was timed to occur after end of public school year
  • CATS was notified that bus routes 14 and 61x will be affected
  • A letter will be mailed to 3,800 customers near the area
  • Detour signs and message boards will be posted early to alert commuters.
  • NCDOT and CMUD are alerting traffic reporters

Updates on the status of these projects will be provided online.