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​Winget Nature Preserve

Winget Nature Preserve is a 52 acre preserve that mostly includes early successional habitat such as old agricultural fields but also contains some young mixed hardwood and pine forest.  A small upland depression under large oaks also exists.  A portion of the preserve is designated as a NC Natural Heritage Site for its natural population of Schweinitz’s sunflower.  This preserve also falls within the protected watershed of the Catawba River Basin and is an important acquisition for Lake Wylie water quality protection. 

Location and Directions
Winget Nature Preserve is located on Winget Road in the Lake Wylie area off of Shopton West and Sledge Roads.  It is across Winget Road from Thomas M Winget Regional Park and Winget Elementary School.  There is no designated parking.

History and Description
This property was recently acquired due to its proximity to a natural population of Schweinitz’s sunflower.  The agricultural fields were managed until a few years ago so the site offers mostly early successional habitat, but also has some interesting wooded areas as well.  


Flora and Fauna
Flora on this preserve consists mostly of early successional plants such as warm season grasses and forbs. Some large trees still exist on this property despite its recent farming.  Overcup oak (Quercuslyrata), an uncommon species in this area, may be found in the upland depression.


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