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Recycling Ambassador Member Directory

Business Name:
American Beauty Garden Center

Business Type:
Retail Garden Center

Services Provided:
All standard materials recycled, CFL recycling, H.I.D. bulb recycling, electronics recycling, pallet recycling from shipping. All growing media is composted and/or recycled.

Waste reduction accomplishments:
Collecting fluorescent fixtures and HID bulbs has been a thankful task personally.

1331 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

Web Address:  

Facebook / Twitter Address:  

Number of Employees at this Location:

Identify Current Environmentally Responsible Practices.
Copier set for double-sided copying
Buy recycled content office products
Participate in Opt-Out Program for junk mail
Reuse packaging materials (peanuts/shredded paper)
Reduce use of electricity (turn off office lights and computer screens/use energy efficient bulbs)
Recycle Printer cartridges
all items that are recyclable, are recycled/reused/composted

Do you conduct Education programs?
Yes, verbally train employees and notify customers and offer free recycling of their used and empty items.

Indicate what your company does actively to promote On-Site Waste Reduction.
Ensure site waste reduction activities are implemented

Set a goal for improvement:
Working on a way to recycle all items containing mercury and other potentially harmful chemicals. None of these items are allowed in trash.

Please describe what you will be doing internally to actively promote and display Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives.
Email lists, Facebook posts, signage in-store & anything possible to help reduce/reuse

Please provide examples of your company's commitment to purchase "Green Products".
- do not purchase any harmful chemicals or products that cannot be recycled or disposed of - we filter our own water and compost all materials possible instead of buying new

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