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Business Name:
Boston Gear

Business Type:

Services Provided:
Gearing & Speed Reducers for Industrial Market

701 Carrier Dr
Charlotte, NC 28216

Web Address:

Number of Employees at this Location:

Describe your current waste reduction and recycling program and/or efforts.
We started about a year ago putting recycling containers throughout the shop to collect paper and cardboard; we currently have expanded to plastics and aluminum. We worked with O'Leary to come up with ideas and training programs to help our employees get involved and we now average about 50% of our products that used to go into landfills now get recycled, and not only that but we get a cost return on those products.

Please describe any educational programs your company utilizes to encourage waste reduction, recycling and/or buying green products.
We had a training class put on by Robin Turner at O'Leary that really opened up a lot of peoples’ eyes about landfills and what it's doing to our planet. We also put up signs to help encourage employees to do their part and what can and can't be recycled.

Please describe what you do to promote Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives on-site, both internally to staff and externally to customers or visitors.
We turned our trash roll-off container into a recycle-only container for our paper and cardboard products. Our trash container is now a small bin, so we encourage our employees instead of filling up trash cans; let’s see if we can fill up a large roll-off recycle container. We also inform our employees that not only does recycling help with landfills but we save trees, water, landfill space, oil, and electricity, which we post every month. We're currently working with O'Leary to incorporate more items in the future.

Please provide examples of your company’s commitment to purchase “Green Products” and the results and/or impact doing so has had on your business.
In our packaging dept, we used to use a lot of foam to package parts, now we work with our vendors to find recyclable products such as paper or cardboard that would do the same job but not only for us but our customers as well can now recycle these products.

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