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Business Name:
Business Type:
Services Provided:
We specialize in recycled paper, cardboard, plastics and other recyclables. For commercial locations we pick up large quantities of recyclables and for residential customers we have a free drop off facility.
Waste Reduction Accomplishments:
Caraustar recycles nearly 3 million tons per year.
2426 Chamberlain Ave
Charlotte, NC 28208
Number of Employees at this Location:
Identify Current Environmentally Responsible Practices.
Copier set for double-sided copying 
Buy recycled content office products 
Reuse packaging materials (peanuts/shredded paper) 
Reduce use of electricity (turn off office lights and computer screens/use energy efficient bulbs) 
Recycle Printer cartridges 
Do you conduct Education programs?
Yes, we talk to employees weekly on how to become more responsible dealing with recycling.
Indicate what your company does actively to promote On-Site Waste Reduction.
Post and/or distribute miscellaneous Waste Reduction Information/posters 
Ensure site waste reduction activities are implemented 
Please describe what you will be doing internally to actively promote and display Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives.
1. Hold monthly meetings informing company of progress of meetings and what we need to do to continue those standards. 2. We recycle over 6,000 tons of paper per month.
Please provide examples of your company's commitment to purchase "Green Products".
1. We only use recyclable paper here. 2. We use energy efficient light bulbs. 3. We recycle over 6,000 tons of paper per month.

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