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Celgard Logo 

Business Name:
Celgard LLC

Business Type:
Plastic Film Manufacturer

Services Provided:
Celgard® separators are widely used in lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics devices such as notebook computers, mobile telephones, and digital cameras, and new applications including power tools, reserve power and grid management systems, and electric drive vehicles (EDVs).

13800 South Lakes Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273

Web Address:  

Number of Employees at this Location:

Describe your current waste reduction and recycling program and/or efforts.
Celgard has established programs and procedures for minimizing the amount of solid waste sent to landfill and to reclaim all materials identified as having characteristics that would enable those materials to be reused, recycled, or reclaimed in an environmentally sound way. Celgard maintains a Waste Disposal Guide as an easy reference to disposal information. For example, the facility has established locations and receptacles for the collection of office paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastics, used oil, batteries, fluorescent lights, and many other waste streams it generates

Please describe any educational programs your company utilizes to encourage waste reduction, recycling and/or buying green products.
All new employees receive general waste disposal instructions upon hiring and annually thereafter. Designated employees receive training for management and disposal of various regulated waste streams including hazardous, universal, used oil, etc. Celgard's commitment is further illustrated through maintaining a certification to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard, ensuring compliance with applicable waste management regulations, and fostering an environment where all employees understand the importance of protecting our natural resources.

Please describe what you do to actively promote Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives onsite, both internally to staff and externally to customers or visitors.
Celgard promotes active participation by all employees in measures they can take both at work and at home to recycle and minimize wastes by providing continuous communications and guidance resources to all employees. For example, a Waste Recycle Guide is available to all employees for instructions on disposal or recycling of over 100 various types of wastes generated on site. Celgard's commitment to environmental stewardship is further communicated to its customers and to the community on its company website and initial orientation upon entry to its facilities.

Please provide examples of your company’s commitment to purchase “Green Products” and the results and/or impact doing so has had on your business.
Celgard makes continuing efforts to purchase recycled and recyclable materials for use in processes and packaging materials. For example, Celgard utilizes plastic pallets made with recycled content, environmental friendly housekeeping and maintenance supplies, packaging materials that are recyclable, corrugated cardboard made with recycled contents, and purchased materials in recyclable containers which can be used for another purpose internally.

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