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Business Name:
Custom Recycling LLC

Business Type:
Recycler of Scrap Metal

Services Provided:
With two locations spanning the Carolinas, Custom Recycling specializes in scrap metal recycling services. Whether you’re a large manufacturer that produces millions of tons of scrap metal per year, or your average small business owner who has an occasional piece of material to recycle, Custom Recycling will custom fit a recycling program to your needs. It is our mission to maintain the highest levels of honesty, integrity and customer service all while complying with current recycling practices and serving our customers, country, and our planet.

PO Box 44210
Charlotte, NC 28215

Web Address:  

Number of Employees at this Location:

Describe your current waste reduction and recycling program and/or efforts.
Our company is set up to recycle all different types of ferrous & non-ferrous metals. We have been doing this on a daily basis since December of 2008 by purchasing, sorting, and shipping each type of metal to its designated smelter, refinery and/or mill.
Recycling of metals is our primary business; however we also take part in recycling of plastics, paper, cardboard, and wood. Being that our Company Phrase is "The Solution to All Your Scrap Metal Needs", Custom Recycling specializes in putting together programs for Small to Large Businesses as well as individuals, so we can be your one stop shop for all of your recycling needs.

Please describe any educational programs your company utilizes to encourage waste reduction, recycling and/or buying green products.
When becoming a member of the Custom Recycling team each employee is educated on how important recycling is for the economy, environment, future generations, and the entire world. With this being said, each employee understands how important it is to cut down on daily waste and use the environmentally friendly products and services that we have to offer. We also encourage that employees participate in the same type of recycling programs at their place of residence.

Please describe what you do to actively promote Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives onsite, both internally to staff and externally to customers or visitors.
Our warehouse is systematically organized with a specific location, box, or container for each type of metal. This makes it easy for employees to place the material in the proper location once it is processed. We also follow the same procedure for non-metallic recyclables used by employees such as paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard. This setup is available externally for customers or visitors to use as well. When customers bring in metal to sell us and they have other materials with them that they are going to throw out, we encourage them to use the facilities that we have in place at our expense. This way, we know the material is being recycled properly.

We also educate our customers on what materials they can bring in to our location, as many are not aware of the value of unused items that are currently stored in their garage or attic. This not only produces revenue for the Customer but also stimulates the economy. It also educates the customer and everyone the customer discusses their new found source of income with.

Please provide examples of your company’s commitment to purchase “Green Products” and the results and/or impact doing so has had on your business.
Although the majority of what we purchase is metal from our customers, we also make sure that we purchase "Green Products" for warehouse and office areas. This practice has educated our employees on the benefit of purchasing these products. We have not noticed an impact on our company by purchasing "Green Products" as of yet, but as we continue to grow in size, we will most certainly notice a difference.

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