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 Gita Sporting Goods Logo

Business Name:
Gita Sporting Goods

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Services Provided:
Gita Sporting Goods, Ltd. is a privately held corporation based in Charlotte, NC. An importer and wholesale distributor of high quality bicycle equipment and soft goods, we have serviced the U.S. bicycle industry for over 30 years. Gita currently represents the following brands exclusively in the United States: Giordana, Pinarello, Eddie Merckx, Pegoretti, DMT, MOst and Gommitalia. We are also wholesale distributors for Campagnolo, Cinelli, Deda, Bike Ribbon, FSA and Reynolds Composites.

12500 Steele Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC 28273

Web Address:  

Facebook/Twitter Address:, @gitabike

Number of Employees at this Location:

Describe your current waste reduction and recycling program and/or efforts.
Here at Gita Sporting Goods, we strive to be responsible and reduce our waste whenever we get a chance. In addition to our regular recycle bins, which are placed in many different areas of our facilities from the kitchen to our warehouse, we have implemented the following programs:
  • Carbon Fiber Recycling – Just this year we have started recycling our carbon fiber waste from crashed/defective bicycled frames. This is still a very new concept in our industry, as carbon fiber recycling is somewhat new in itself. We have partnered up with a recycler in South Carolina who accepts our frames and properly disposes of them, so that the materials can be reused. So far this year, we have recycled close to 500 lbs of carbon fiber and anticipate recycling more as we move forward with this initiative.
  • Catalog/Cardboard Recycling – Over the years we have used catalogs in order to get out information about the products that we distribute. Sadly, we have also stacked up piles of unused/old ones as well. Thankfully, we didn’t just dump them in the trash to get rid of them because now our cardboard recycler has offered to accept these as well. Once every 3-4 weeks, we have a cardboard recycler who visits our loading dock and hauls away at least one flatbed full of recyclables. Sometimes he makes a couple of trips because of the amount of cardboard that we have.
  • Reuse or Recycle – When at all possible, we will reuse any and all packaging materials that we can. Being a distribution center/importer, we receive many packages on a weekly basis. In some cases, we can simply reuse the boxes that the product comes in. We save used boxes for as long as we can until they can be used for outgoing shipments. In the event that the box/materials are not useable, we place them in the recycle pile. We have even gone as far as to set up shipping profiles with our shippers using the dimensions of the boxes that we commonly receive and reuse.
  • Electronic Recycling – Just like the carbon fiber recycling, this year we started recycling old electronics that have been replace din our office. We have recycled old computers, computer monitors, phones, lights and even some television sets. IN addition to recycling what we had here in the office, we invited any employees to bring in any electronics that they would like to recycle since some were unsure of how they could recycle them on their own.
  • Ink Cartridge/Toner Recycling – As an office, we tend to go through our fair share of ink and toner cartridges. We continue to recycle these through our vendors. Over the last few years, vendors/stores have made it easier and easier to do this, and in most cases, make it profitable, as they will either discount the replacement cartridge or give us a credit for a future purchase.

Please describe any educational programs your company utilizes to encourage waste reduction, recycling and/or buying green products.
Emails have been sent multiple times to employees about our new recycling efforts. We have provided multiple recycling bins and informational sheets about recycling around the brewery and tap room for employees.

Please describe what you do to actively promote Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives onsite, both internally to staff and externally to customers or visitor, as well as your company’s commitment to purchase “Green Products”.
Gita has always strived to be Eco friendly. We encourage our employees in and out of the office to be conscious of their possible waste and opportunities to minimize them. From tagging our e-mail signatures with reminders to not print unless necessary to taking the extra second to lo9ok for the “made out of recycled material” label when purchasing office supplies, all of our employees can say that they are doing their fair share in and out of the office.

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