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Business Name:

Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte

Business Type:

NonProfit, Builder, Retail, Recycling


Services Provided:

Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte is a nonprofit affordable housing agency that provides housing opportunities for low income families in the City of Charlotte through new home building, critical home repair, weatherization and various other initiatives to stabilize the communities in which it works. 


Waste Reduction Accomplishments:

Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte participates in various waste reduction and recycling initiatives including: LEED Silver certification on all new homes built (approximately 30 new-construction homes per year), weatherization of all critical repair project homes (approximately 50 homes per year), on-site construction waste management and recycling, asphalt shingle recycling, ReStore operations, office recycling and composting, metal and plastic recycling (over 1,850 tons per year), and appliance refrigerant recycling (over 550 pounds per year). Through ReStore sales, Habitat Charlotte prevents 3.8 million pounds of material from going into local landfills.



3815 Latrobe Drive

Charlotte, NC 28211

Web Address:

Number of Employees at this Location:


Identify Current Environmentally Responsible Practices.

Copier set for double-sided copying 
Buy recycled content office products 
Reduce use of electricity (turn off office lights and computer screens/use energy efficient bulbs) 
Recycle Printer cartridges 

Do you conduct Education programs?

Yes, weatherization and other homeownership classes, and LEED project experience classes. Habitat Charlotte also utilizes signage throughout its offices and construction sites to encourage staff and volunteers to recycle, compost and reduce waste in their day to day activities. Lastly, Habitat Charlotte educates volunteers at its metal recycling center on the importance of recycling any metal, plastic or other materials to reduce waste and promote reuse of valuable resources.

Indicate what your company does actively to promote On-Site Waste Reduction

Post and/or distribute miscellaneous Waste Reduction Information/posters 
Ensure site waste reduction activities are implemented 
comply with LEED for homes on all of our construction sites 

Goal for improvement:

Increase our LEED certification level from silver to gold

Please describe what you will be doing internally to actively promote and display Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives.

We will continue to display the wipe out waste signage throughout our office space and provide compost bins and a compost pile on site. We will also include in our internal emails information about how to recycle and what the "green" options are for purchasing office materials. We also already do and will continue to recycle everything in our construction waste stream that can be recycled and minimize the waste that cannot be recycled. Habitat Charlotte employs a Green Committee that is dedicated to making environmentally sound choices throughout the affiliate.  The Green Committee consists of Habitat employees, volunteers, and leaders and professionals in the environmental sector.

Please provide examples of your company's commitment to purchase "Green Products".

Habitat Charlotte is committed to using green building and office products when possible including Forest Service Council certified woods, recycled paper, recycled insulation, low flow water fixtures, low VOC paints and stains, recycled content gypsum board, longer life shingles, durable siding, durable flooring with low VOC adhesive, Green Label Plus carpet and padding, environmentally friendly office cleaning supplies, compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc.  Although many of these products are readily available in the marketplace, they are often more expensive than conventional materials, however, Habitat Charlotte has made a commitment to use only those products despite the additional cost.  Habitat Charlotte is also launching a residential solar photovoltaic program to further reduce its and its homeowners’ environmental footprint.


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