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Business Name:
Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA)
• Charlotte Convention Center
• Visit Charlotte
• NASCAR Hall of Fame
• Bojangles’ Coliseum
• Ovens Auditorium
• Time Warner Cable Arena

Administrative Offices:
501 South College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Number of Employees at this Location:
205 total employees

Identify Current Environmentally Responsible Practices.
Charlotte Convention Center:
Our energy management program is state-of-the-art working with our partner Johnson Controls on efficient management of the heat & air system (regulate center at 72 degrees); as well as scheduled operation of lights based on activity in the building.
Glass in the facility is classified as low 'E' - energy friendly - controls UV light flow into center.
Run lights at 50% and no HVAC during move-in and move-out to exhibit halls.
Run escalators in the building based on occupancy and event needs.
Installed auto flushers throughout facility in our water conservation efforts.
Install of water faucet aerators on every faucet in building to reduce water usage.
Installation of 21 variable speed controls (20 HP to 50 HP) on motors that operate the HVAC system, reducing energy usage and emissions.
Buying foods locally (with the recent addition of the Famers Fresh Market some of our offerings of local products has expanded considerably.)
Catering menus offer organic and locally grown options. Local and regional beer and wine selections.
Excess food product is donated to Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, who distributes to local shelters.

Time Warner Cable Arena:
Sensor faucets and flush valves were designed into the arena at construction.
All building lighting is controlled with a low voltage control system. This allows us to control lighting groups at specific times for use.
Variable speed drives were designed into the air handlers and pump motor and one chiller at the time of construction.
Fluorescent lighting is being utilized throughout the arena instead of incandescent lighting. Where incandescent lighting was used, we have decreased the wattage of the bulbs, some as much as half or more. We are in the early stages of replacing some of the incandescent lighting with LED technology.
All regular incandescent light bulbs have been changed to compact fluorescents.
The wattage has been lowered in all of the suites from 50-watt bulbs to 35-watt bulbs.
The number of lamps in the marshalling area lights has been reduced from six to two lamps.
All of the 250-watt bulbs at the escalators were changed to compact fluorescents.
Time schedules and photocell control outside lighting.
We try to wait as late in the day as possible before turning on general building lighting and scoreboard and televisions.

Indicate what your company does actively to promote On-Site Waste Reduction.
Charlotte Convention Center:
Recycle all aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles disposed of by groups in the facility with clearly marked recycling bins throughout the facility, including in every meeting room.
Installed "Recycle" banners in all exhibit halls to encourage recycling.
Offer the use of China, Glass and Silver whenever possible.
Offer clear beverage cups (PLA) that are made from a biodegradable corn material (Fabri-Kal).
Offer compostable boxes and utensils for box lunches.
Offer edible centerpieces as an option.
Use 5-gallon bulk water dispensers for groups, on request, in place of bottled water.
Bulk beverages; soda, iced tea, coffee & water available for most events.
Bulk products served whenever possible, reducing the use of prepackaged goods to cut down on waste.

Time Warner Cable Arena:
We are using separate bins for the fans to throw bottles and cans and then collect those bins and place the contents in a specialized recycle dumpster.

Please describe what you will be doing internally to actively promote and display Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives.
Charlotte Convention Center:
Bind and recycle all cardboard and have a separate 40 yard dumpster allocated for this exclusively.
Recycle approximately 800 pallets per year.
Office areas recycle paper, aluminum cans and power down computers at night.
Use printers and copiers that are environmentally efficient in use of power - recycle toner cartridges.
Recycle lights bulbs and batteries.
All cooking oil is recycled.
Food and Beverage areas recycle plastic, glass and aluminum.

Please provide examples of your company's commitment to purchase "Green Products".
Charlotte Convention Center:
95% of cleaning supplies are environmentally safe and biodegradable. Installed 19 'blend centers' to dispense cleaning chemicals that are green certified.
Microfiber cleaning materials used and Hepa filters installed in all vacuum cleaners.
Pest control vendors selected based on safe environmental practices.
Paper products (housekeeping) - 100% post consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towels throughout the building.
Installed 120 'foam soap' dispensers using green certified soap, which require less water to rinse.
Utilize environmentally friendly company for staff uniform cleaning - they have a waste water treatment plant on the facility that treats water prior to releasing it back into the county water system.
NFSI & USGBC approved walk-off mats are installed at every building entrance.
All business cards, letterhead and envelopes are printed on 60% recycled - 30% post consumer paper.
Usage of 65% post consumer recycled paper napkins (Hoffmaster) and (Express Nap) or use cloth napkins whenever possible.
All new equipment purchased is rated energy star compliant; our dishwashers installed in 2007 reduced water consumption by more than 66%.

Time Warner Cable Arena:
At the current time, the chemicals being used by CRVA at the Arena are approximately 85% green or green certified. We are working with our suppliers to find the best green product to serve our needs with a goal of becoming 100% green.

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