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Business Name:

Enventys, LLC.


520 Elliot Street # 200
Charlotte, NC 28202

Web Address:

Number of Employees at this Location:


Identify Current Environmentally Responsible Practices

Buy recycled content office products 
Participate in Opt-Out Program for junk mail 
Reuse packaging materials (peanuts/shredded paper) 
Reduce use of electricity (turn off office lights and computer screens/use energy efficient bulbs) 

Indicate what your company does actively to promote On-Site Waste Reduction.

Ensure site waste reduction activities are implemented 

Goal for improvement:

Once we begin the recycling program, we would post and/or distribute waste reduction information/posters.

Please describe what you will be doing internally to actively promote and display Wipe Out Waste Ambassador initiatives.

Send weekly e-mail blasts to remind people to recycle. Place recycling bins next to trash bins throughout the business.

Please provide examples of your company's commitment to purchase "Green Products".
We purchase mostly recycled paper products & cleaning products for our business. We re-use copier that cannot be used as paper for note pads. The janitorial company that we employ to clean our office three times a week use all green cleaning products.

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