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Waste Reduction for Businesses

Recycling Service Providers are the connection between those who generate waste materials and those who turn these materials into new products.  The services you can expect depend on the type of materials generated, the condition of the materials, and most importantly, the quantity of materials available.  For example, a company might provide a container and pick-up your recyclable materials if you generate a large quantity, but require delivery for small amounts.

ABC Vendors (Beverage Containers)

Computers and Televisions.  Details

Paper may include office paper, colored paper, computer paper, envelopes, manila file folders, corrugated cardboard etc.  Staples and paper clips are usually acceptable.  For more information, contact one or more of these Paper Recyclers.

Paper Shredding
If you have confidential papers and/or electronic media, but still want to recycle, contact one of the companies that shred paper and then recycle it.  Details

Metals may include scrap steel, aluminum, copper and other metals and alloys. These metals may take the form of appliances, automotive parts, entire vehicles, aluminum and steel cans, gutters, etc.  For more information contact one or more of these Metal Recyclers.

Plastics / Carpets
Plastics take many forms, from rigid bottles to flexible stretch wrap to CD's.  Visit our list of plastics markets and call us if you need additional assistance.

This section addresses green, brown, and clear glass bottles and jars.  Markets for window pane glass are not listed.  Details

Pallets, Mattresses, Wooden Crates and Yard Waste
These items are often similar in how they are processed into end products (usually mulch or compost). Details

Food Waste
Food waste may include perishable food that can be given to a food bank or items such as grease, oil and meat by-products.  Details

May include reusable clothing for donations and clothing & trimmings from textile manufacturing that is considered Textile Scrap.

Construction and Demolition Waste
This includes concrete, carpet, sheetrock, ceiling tile, wood waste, land clearing debris and other materials.  Details 

Here are some markets for several categories of chemical waste. Refer to the links below ( for a more comprehensive listing or list your chemicals on  Details

Other Materials
This category includes audio visual tape, batteries, CDs, DVDs, fluorescent light tubes, toner cartridges, tyvek envelopes, lamps & lights, mercury contained devices and several donation categories (furniture, appliances, beds and housewares).  Details

Staples will recycle Electronics and Plastic Film (PE). Visit any participating stores for details.

Other Resources:
For more listings, and to find recycling companies outside of Mecklenburg County, visit the NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance at 

If you can't find a market for your materials through one of the links above, consider listing the material(s) on, North Carolina's free waste exchange.

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