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521 "Foxhole" Landfill Fees & Facts

Foxhole Landfill Fees:

17131 Lancaster Hwy.
Charlotte, NC
Monday - Friday 7am-4pm

Construction and Demolition Waste:  $39.00 per ton

Minimum Load Charge - $39.00 (1 ton)

Clean Concrete, Brick and Block:  $5 per ton

Clean Wood Waste:  $19.00 per ton

For County Recycling Center at Foxhole



Q:  Where is the 521 Landfill site?
A: The site is on US Hwy. 521 at the border of Mecklenburg County, Union County, and Lancaster County, SC

Q: When did the landfill open?
A: The landfill opened in April 2000.
Q: When will Mecklenburg use the Landfill?
A: Mecklenburg is presently using the landfill for construction and demolition debris and as a public convenience (recycling) center. Mecklenburg's municipal solid waste may go to the landfill in July, 2019, when the County's current contract with Republic Waste expires.
Q: How about traffic?
A: Approximately 150-200 trucks a day go to the landfill. Landfill traffic should have little impact on Hwy. 521. Trucks from Mecklenburg will use I-485 and Hwy. 521 South; trucks from Union and Lancaster Counties will use Hwy. 521 North. A turn lane is located on Hwy. 521 so that trucks do not block traffic while waiting to turn. Total traffic projections for all vehicle types on Hwy. 521 in the year 2001 range from about 15,000 to 20,000 vehicles a day.
Q: Is the groundwater safe?
A: The landfill has a composite liner system and a leachate collection system to prevent liquid from the landfill escaping and entering the groundwater system. A network of monitoring wells is located around the landfill to monitor the groundwater. Groundwater beneath the landfill generally flows to the southeast towards Six Mile Creek.
Q: How about odor?
A: Odor is not a problem at the 521 Landfill. Every day the active area of the landfill will be densely compacted and covered with a minimum of 6-inches of "daily cover," which slows the formation of odors and contains them. The County operated the Harrisburg Road landfill (now the Charles T. Myers Golf Course) for 18 years using this system and received no complaints of odor.
Q: How about vermin (rats)?
A: The daily cover and compaction create an environment which is unacceptable to vermin.
Q: What is the future use of this landfill space?
A: Mecklenburg's policy is that landfills always have uses other than just disposal. It has a public convenience site for recycling and yard waste.  When the landfill ceases operation, it will become a park with soccer and softball fields, hiking trails, picnic areas and other amenities in the active areas. The areas in which the landfill cells are located will become wildflower exhibition areas.
Q: What about landfill gas?
A:  Landfill gases are a natural occurrence produced from the decomposition of solid waste. Gas monitoring wells are installed at strategic points around the site to detect the occurrence of landfill gas. Following closure of each cell, an active gas collection system will be constructed which will collect and dispose of landfill gases.
Q: What types of waste can be disposed of in the landfill?
A: Presently, the landfill is accepting only construction and demolition waste. When the County's contract with Republic Waste expires in June 2012, the landfill may accept wastes that are currently permitted for disposal in typical municipal solid waste landfills. These wastes include household waste, commercial solid waste and industrial solid waste. No hazardous waste or liquid waste will be allowed.
Q: How will Mecklenburg County monitor the waste stream?
A: The County will initiate a screening program for detecting and preventing disposal of hazardous and liquid waste. The program will consist of environmental inspectors performing inspections of incoming loads of trash. The inspections will be performed for the various commercial and industrial waste haulers.

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