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Holiday Waste Reduction Tips
Use Less Stuff this Holiday SeasonClick to download the Giving Green Guide 

Holiday Waste Reduction Tips:

  • Give home-baked goodies in reusable containers like baskets, tins, or jars.
  • Give non-materialistic "green" gifts that do not require wrapping, such as gift certificates/cards or massages, restaurants, coffee shops, or classes. "Rechargeable" cards are even better!
  • Theatre, sporting events, concert or movie tickets are always appreciated. Experiences are remembered long after other presents wear out.
  • When gift giving, think durable. Buy durable toys made from wood or metal so they can be passed down to others. Consider how long the item will last before you purchase.
  • Gift a gift of time or talent. Take someone to a play, concert or movie. Make gift certificates for a special dinner, pet sitting or house cleaning. Offer your talents at gardening, photography or financial planning-or better yet, teach somone a skill you possess.
  • When you go shopping, bring your own reusable bags.
  • Make a charitable donation in the recipient's name or give a membership to a museum, environmental or non-profit organization.
  • Gift two gifts in one by using baskets, fabric bags, scarves or pillowcases to wrap gifts.
  • Give fair trade coffee and teas or local and organic fruit and vegetable baskets.
  • Give a compost bin, can crusher, water timer, rain barrel, etc.
New Year's Day
  • Start the year off with a "bang" by making waste reduction your number one New Year's resolution.
  • Eliminate disposable plates, cups, and napkins from your party.  Use "real" plates, cups, and  napkins to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.
  • Try compact fluorescent light bulbs and rechargeable batteries.  Recycle used alkaline batteries.  Check out for the locations of our full service recycle centers.
  • Start a magazine club with co-workers, neighbors or family.  You can cut your subscriptions by swapping with others.  You will save money, enjoy more magazines and cut waste.
  • Contact a Mecklenburg County Environmental Specialist to visit your club, religious group, or other organization to learn more about wiping out waste.
  • To learn more about recycling in Mecklenburg County, regularly visit or call 311.
  • Donate unwanted gifts and other usable goods to charity. 

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