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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

What should our school do… maximize collection of cardboard? School cafeterias are often the major source of cardboard, so coordinate your program with the cafeteria staff. Copy rooms, administrative offices, libraries, and school stores can also be significant sources of cardboard, so include these areas when designing a plan for collecting cardboard.

...if our recycling dumpster is not picked up? Call Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction at 704-336-7759. Your recycling dumpster will be serviced within 24 hours.

...if our recycling dumpster is dumped into the garbage truck? Report the incident to Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction at 704-336-7759. The recycling contract includes punitive damages if recyclables are not handled properly.

...if our recycling dumpster frequently overflows? If space is available at your school, a second recycling dumpster may be added upon request to Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction.


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