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Items That Can and Cannot Be Recycled

Be Cool Recycling in School
If a recycling dumpster is "contaminated" with trash, the entire load must be treated as trash. Our recycling process equipment is not able to separate trash from recyclable materials. Since a recycling truck picks up recycling dumpsters from numerous locations before the truck is full and taken to the recycling center, if one container is "contaminated" it can mess up the entire truckload. Help us keep contamination at a minimum. Become familiar with the items that will and will not be accepted for recycling. Make this information available to janitorial staff, cafeteria management and staff, teachers and students.  


Items that will be accepted:

NEW - Pizza boxes
Plastic Containers (except #6)
Rigid Plastics (toys, litter boxes & buckets)
Empty Aerosol Cans
Cartons & Juice Boxes
Tin/Steel Cans 
Cardboard (flattened)

Paper (newspaper, brown paper bags, magazines, corrugated containers, junk mail, high-grade paper, boxboard, telephone books, etc.)


 *Please note that all containers need to be emptied and clean before entering the recycling stream.  Also, any materials with food residue can “contaminate” entire loads of recyclable materials.  Please refrain from placing these items into the recycling containers.









These Items are Not Accepted:

NO Bottle Caps or Lids
NO Plastic Bags
NO Shredded Paper
NO Plastic Food Trays or Cups
NO Ceramics
NO Pots & Pans
NO Glassware
NO Paper Plates or Napkins
NO Batteries
NO Light Bulbs
NO Wire Hangers
NO Clamshells or Styrofoam




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