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Native Plant Vendor Information

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We hope the following information is helpful to gardeners who want to grow native plants without threatening natural populations.

This Native Plant Vendor List is intended as a guide for native plant gardeners and is by no means complete. It is impossible for us to list all the nurseries that propagate their own native plants

    Many nurseries require -- and we strongly suggest -- that you make an appointment for your visit to any of these nurseries. If a nursery does not list a catalog price, send a business-sized self-addressed stamped envelope for return of price list or other information.Conservation through propagation helps you and the environment by:

    • Supporting and encouraging ethical nursery growers;
    • Assisting in the survival of native species in the wild by discouraging collection in our natural areas;
    • Enhancing your garden with the beauty of nursery-propagated native plants that are more likely to survive than transplants from the wild, thus
    • Providing you with more value dollar for dollar.

Native Plants

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