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General Bankruptcy Questions & Answers

If your question is not answered below, please submit your complete question  to .  A response will be provided via email.

Q. Why is my tax bill not covered in my bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy will cover the bills prior to the date the bankruptcy was filed. If a bill comes out after the filing date, in order for it to be included, the attorney handling the bankruptcy would have to file an amendment to the original bankruptcy filing.

Q. How can I get a paid receipt so I can get my vehicle license tags?
Either come in person to the Office of the Tax Collector at 700 East Stonewall Street in Charlotte or contact us at 704-336-6899 and we can remove the block.

Q. How can I make payment arrangements?
We cannot make payment arrangements on bankrupt accounts. Pay whatever you can.

Q. My name is shown in your system as being in bankruptcy, but that isn't me.  How can we get this corrected?
Fax us a copy of your driver's license to 704-336-6879 or come in to the office at 700 East Stonewall Street in Charlotte. We will verify your driver's license and social security number. If it proves not to be you, we will remove the bankruptcy from your account.

Q. I filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy almost a year ago, why isn't it showing in your system?
If we do not have your account flagged as bankrupt, we never received your paperwork from the trustee. Please fax us at 704-336-6879 or bring a copy of your paperwork to our office that has your case number and we will take care of the matter.

Should you have any further questions, please dial 311 or contact Tax Support Services via e-mail at .

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