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Special Assessments (Street, Street Lighting, Sanitary Water & Sewer)

All proposed and approved Special Assessments have been placed in alphabetical street name order. 

Contact Tax Support Services at 704-336-6899 or via e-mail if you have questions.

 Alphabetical listing of special assessments by Street Name 

To Search Special Assessment Tax Bills

The Office of the Tax Collector is responsible for advertising, processing, maintaining, billing, and collecting approved Special Assessments for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Special Assessments are those in which there has been a contract made between the property owner and either Mecklenburg County or the City of Charlotte for improvements to certain properties. Property owners must go through a process beginning with a neighborhood petition and concluding with approval from the  respective governing board.

Special Assessments are generally defined as contracts made for street, street lighting and/or annual utility costs for maintenance of street lighting, and sanitary water and sewer improvements. 

Until a Special Assessment is paid-in-full, it is considered a lien on the property within the same meaning as a property tax lien. 

Special Assessments are more specifically defined as an agreement between the governing body and property owners for the governing body to solicit bids for specific improvement projects, awarding the project to a specific contractor, and providing up-front funding to pay for the project in full. In return, the affected property owners agree to repay the governing body in full within a certain timeframe. Each property owner has the option of paying their apportioned amount in full within a certain timeframe without interest or in annual installments with interest.

For your convenience, all proposed and approved Special Assessments have been placed in alphabetical street name order. Access to this information is available by clicking at the top of this page. Should you require further information, please contact Tax Support Services by phone at 704-336-6899 or via e-mail.





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