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Announcements & News

Advertisement for Bids - Airport
CharMeck News Releases
City Job Opportunities
City of Charlotte Registered Vendors and Commodity Codes
Contracting Opportunities
County Events and Meetings Calendar
Emergency Information
Health Alerts and Features
Mecklenburg Government News
South Corridor Construction Update
Street Closings
Vacancies for City of Charlotte Boards & Commissions
Water News from Utilities

Citizenship & Voting

Board Bulletin
Board of County Commissioners Commission Capsules
Campaign Reporting Schedule
Candidate Listings
Early Voting Statistics
Election Results
Vacancies for City of Charlotte Boards & Commissions

Agendas & Minutes

BOCC Agendas
Board Bulletin
Board of County Commissioners Commission Capsules
City Council Meeting Agenda
City Council Meeting Minutes

Garbage & Recycling

Community Resources
Media Corner
Recycling Updates

Land Use

Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual
Land Development Bond Administration
Land Development Resources

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Forms
Code Enforcement News
Mechanical & Plumbing Customer Alert
Mechanical Plumbing Interpretations
Mechanical and Plumbing Interpretations - Downloads
Mechanical and Plumbing News

Mecklenburg County Manager's Office

BOCC Agendas
Board Bulletin
Board of County Commissioners Commission Capsules
FY07 County Budget Process

CATS Rider Alerts
(wireless alerts available)

1 - Mt. Holly Road
2 - Ashley Park
3 - The Plaza
4 - Country Club
5 - Airport
6 - Kings Drive
7 - Beatties Ford
8 - Tuckaseegee Road
9 - Central Avenue
10 - West Boulevard
11 - North Tryon/Sugar Creek
12 - South Boulevard
13 - Nevin Road
14 - Providence Rd.
15 - Randolph Road
16 - South Tryon
17 - Commonwealth Avenue
18 - Selwyn Avenue
19 - Park Road
20 - Queens Road
21 - Double Oaks
22 - Graham Street
23 - Shamrock Drive
24 - Windsong Trails
25 - Clanton Park
26 - Oaklawn Avenue
27 - Monroe Road
28 - McAlway Road
29 - UNCC/South Park
30 - Crosstown
31 - Southside Crosstown
34 - Freedom Drive
39 - Eastway Drive
40x - Albemarle Road Express
41x - Arrowood Express
42 - Carowinds Express



County Events and Meetings Calendar
General Transit Meetings


Citizens Transit Advisory Group (CTAG) Meetings
Metropolitan Transit Commission Meetings
Transit Services Advisory Committee (TSAC) Meetings


Neighborhood Development News
Neighborhood Development Press Releases
Neighborhood Development Publications

Planning Commission

2006 ZBA Cases
Planning Commission Members
South Corridor - Transit Station Area Plan
Subdivision Approvals
Zoning Board of Adjustment - Agendas

Public Safety News & Alerts

Community Meetings
Crime Alerts
Crime Prevention
Missing Person Alert
Neighborhood News
Wanted Persons

Roads & Streets

Bike Charlotte
Bike/Ped Connectivity Study
Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT)
Street Closings
Street Maintenance
Traffic Counts
Transportation Action Plan
Urban Street Design Guidelines
Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH)

Water & Sewer

Andover McAlway Water Project
Annexation 2005
Back Flow Prevention
Briar Creek Sewer System Improvement Project
Capital Improvements
Contractor and Subcontractor
Donated Projects
Grease Free
McAlpine Relief Sewer Project
New Connections
Southwest Water Main Project
Utilities - Environmental Management Informal Contracts
Utilities - New Service Informal Contracts
Utilities Commonly Requested Documents
Water Smart


CATS Rider Alerts
(wireless alerts available)

45x - Carmel Road Express
48X - Huntersville Express
51x - Idlewild Road Express
53x - Northlake Express
54x - University Research Park Express
61x - Arboretum Express
62x - Rea Road Express
64x - Independence Blvd Express
65x - Matthews Express
66x - Sharon Road Express
74x - Union County Express
77x - North Mecklenburg Express
80x - Concord Express
81x - Wachovia CIC Express Shuttle
82x - Rock Hill Express
83x - Mooresville Express
85x - Gastonia Express
86 - Gold Rush
88x - Lincoln County Express
89 - South End Shuttle
96 - Village Rider-Davidson
97 - Village Rider-Cornelius
98 - Village Rider-McCoy Road
99 - Village Rider-Huntersville
102 - Arrowood Dial -A-Ride
201 - Garden City
202 - Washington Heights & Lincoln Heights
203 - University Park
211 - Hidden Valley
220 - Windsor Park
221 - East Harris-Idewild Rd.
222 - Pence Road
231 - Druid Hills/Double Oaks
234 - Cityview
235 - Jackson Park
236 - Revolution Park
238 - Paw Creek Shuttle


Additional Charlotte Area Transit System Alerts:


CATS General Information

CATS Press Releases 
Pass & Fare Updates 


County Events and Meetings Calendar 
General Transit Meetings


Citizens Transit Advisory Group (CTAG) Meetings 
Metropolitan Transit Commission Meetings 
Transit Services Advisory Committee (TSAC) Meetings

Rapid Transit

Gateway Newsletter
Gateway Public Meetings

Center City Corridor

Center City Corridor Meetings 
Center City Corridor Newsletter

North Corridor 

North Corridor Newsletter
North Corridor Public Meetings

Northeast Corridor

Northeast Corridor Newsletter
Northeast Corridor Public Meetings

South Corridor

South Corridor Construction Update 
South Corridor Newsletter
South Corridor Public Meetings

Southeast Corridor

Southeast Corridor Newsletter
Southeast Corridor Public Meetings

West Corridor

West Corridor Newsletter
West Corridor Public Meetings

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